Thursday, 9 January 2014

Long live war for it is dead

this blog was started for me writing about my WH but alas for the war has come to an end and i have been trying to think for a way to send it off.

yes war had its problem but i loved it and to date no other MMO'S pvp has grabbed me like it did in WAR its sad to see it go :( but here is a fitting tribute to WAR

Wednesday, 6 April 2011


hi all just a fast post uni work has been taking up most of my time recently so let have a look at the news letter that going on. well not too much news but the feed back is small an coming along the way i want it to be, i think most people will not appreciate the mythic devs but this is grate one small step at a time.
remember they could of just continued to not listen like SOE did with SWG and jusr compleatly distroy the game but so far so good and i am looking forward to trying out 1.4.2 so make sure you get on it and get involved

Thursday, 10 March 2011


giving a props to a bloger that is amazing so am giving credits to the man go hear or look in my side tab

i can say i agree with prity much what he is saying and he has sum good ideas that he is putting forward particularly with the guild defense ideas witch i real want back.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

how i would improve the campaign post 1.4

(2 posts in one day nice) well the question has been put down and that is how would you improve the campaign well hers how i would do it.

door controls

i wold love to see this in as an attacker this becomes a second target rather than just hit on the doors and it makes it a bit more exiting for the defenders as well.

just a short one this time

horde mode SC

well it looks like we will probably be getting horde mode the Marjory of the player base are on board with the idea as am i so heres what i would like to see.

1. lizard men oder are the lizard men and destro have to defend there ship wile its being repaired by npc workers, i figure it wold woke in 2 stages workers go out and gather resources for stage 1, stage 2 is to defend the ship while its being repaired

2. 1 side of both that same side if that make sense to anyone, but basically allow both sides to play the same side

3. both sides can take turns at being the horde as to who can do it the fastest

4. good rewards must be apart of this if mythic can pull it off the this will be a mode worth playing, wether it be gear or crest drops

5. the the mode must all so have heros and lords in it as well. so you have to take down the tank has to hold the lord and everyone els has to take down the adds

so threes a quick list of what i want if they did it, will they do it only time will tell ?

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

back at last

i have been having internet issues so with that said i return just in time for the produces letter, so paging doctor gig we have an surgical operation to do.

With Night of Murder winded down and people no longer marked for death, we can look forward towards Spring and the promise it holds.
First of all though I’d like to take time to encourage people to check out the forums here. We’ve been trying to increase the communication in there and encourage open discussion, notably in the Developers Corner. A few of them were directly related to patch 1.4.1 and revolved around the Renown Cap and armor set progression. As well, we’ve started some hypothetical threads – one about a new scenario type with waves of NPC spawns; the second about the campaign and possible changes you want to see. With 1.4.1 just out the door, a feedback post about the new scenario lineup has been started so we can gather feedback to tailor the lineup further in subsequent patches. The idea is to change them up more often (every few months) so that the action will stay fresh.
(yes this is what i hoped they would do an increase in communication is never a bad thing we just have to becarfull not to abuse this as a player base and not go and QQ on there and be hostile or else they wont reply and run back in to there shells. i do like the new idea of the new SC thay are taking about we will have to see what thay do with is and how it plays out)   

With our first patch of the year (1.4.1) wrapped up, we were able to squeeze in nice things and make adjustments to the game and how players will advance through the game.  This includes tweaks to our Renown Rank caps, rearrangement of the armor sets, and adjustments to the costs and methods to buy armor and weapons.  One of the things we are continuing to take a look at are how the armor sets and innate power of the levels and Renown Ranks are interacting in the world as players rank up in every tier.
  (this was bound to show up mythic would be stupid not to address this its probably the key thing that need to be taken to task and found a better way to do this is bound to be hard so i am willing to hold on and see what happens here)  
Looking forward, we’ve been working hard on finishing up some tweaks to Grovod Caverns and we want to get that out there with its new Skaven twist in an upcoming patch as a Warfront and if it is received well, as potentially a permanent feature.  Likewise, as hinted at before in the previous letter and in my posts on the forums, we want to bring back the Ironclad from Scurvy Dogs.
  ( sweetabix i loved the iron clad i will be interested to see what they do with the caverns)  
As far as Live Events go, the working title for our newest Live Event is SigmarTide and we are pushing forward on that for this Summer.  More news on this as we get through Spring, although you might find some hints about the event in Lore.
 (new live event nice all ways good to score sum new goodies and tittles i hope they can make it interesting and not just kill X number of players)
As promised in the previous Producer Letter, I want to also hit upon some stuff we have in the works.  When we started work on the Verminous Horde, we had a number of thoughts and initiatives that were in the works.  We opted to move one or two of these from being tied into that patch and instead concentrate on them after the booster was out and make them free features.  One of these features is the addition of new options for crafting.  Conceived as ‘advanced crafting’, it will build upon that foundation, but with new and exciting options.  The idea behind it is to introduce new mechanics and flesh out the offerings available via player crafting.  As we get closer to testing and launch, we’ll give more information and start discussions in the afore-mentioned forums.
Just so you know, we have a full year of Warhammer Online planned out, from events to patches, including features and fun stuff.  Along with that plan, we are looking at a number of other hypothetical things that we’d love to work on; we’ll be getting feedback on these as we move forward through the year as well.  Plus, finally, we’ll continue to look at the topics and trends that concern you, adding tweaks, changes, of fixes as we go.
Finally, I’d like to give you a teaser on some upcoming events around the EA store.  If you haven’t bought the progression or personality pack, we have an upcoming promotion around the combination pack I think you’ll like.  Keep an eye on Facebook for details about this. Plus, these guys…
(well its good to know they have the year planned out and how they are going about it, advanced crafting sounds good the crafting douse need sum attention so :D to that, no info on any class changes :( but never mined so far its all speculation and guessing  as to whats going to happen next but we will see over the coming months so i will be keeping my eye's pealed on the forms.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

ask Mythic

when you have played a lot of other MMO'S you can see the difference between developers i have been dividing my time between star trek online (sto) and warhammer online (war) and one big difference between the developers is secrets, cryptic are pretty good at this they tell you just enough to keep you guessing but at least you feel in the loop just look at there way with the ask cryptic sessions they have once a month, but when you compare it to mythic they say summating and then say nothing about it not even keeping us in the loop about development and process they have had the Q&A in the past but it would be nice to have them more often and on a regular basis.